Scottish circular economy

The RSA Great Recovery
Feasibility studies

We worked with The RSA Great Recovery and Zero Waste Scotland to explore opportunities and incubate new partnerships for a circular economy in Scotland.

Our role was been to identify and scope out two pilot projects that will develop and test new approaches to product and service design; one based on an industrial cycle and the other on a biological cycle.

Scotland is known for its whisky & fish and oil & gas industries and it is these two sectors where we focused our efforts. We are conducted technical feasibility studies and engaged with the supply chain to identify the business opportunity and next steps for implementation.

We are also worked with The RSA Great Recovery to build the network of circular economy stakeholders in Scotland by organising a series of tear down workshops.

This project built on our role as a delivery partner to The RSA Great Recovery.


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Featured image of Project: Scottish circular economy

We are developing two projects; one focused on the industrial cycle, one on the biological cycle

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Featured image of Project: Scottish circular economy

The Great Recovery

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