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NTA are a wholly government organisation responsible for bringing light rail and rapid bus routes to the city of Tel Aviv. Over the next 20 years, the proposal is to […]

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Tel Aviv Light Railway

Strategic advice

Working with Grosvenor Estates, we have been developing a more comprehensive assessment of city resilience […]

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Resilient Cities

Resilient cities appraisal methodology

Jo Carris has been working in-house with EDF Energy since July 2013 to help improve their sustainable procurement and supply chain management processes […]

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EDF Energy Procurement

Sustainable procurement support

The Sde Dov Quarter is a new 12,000 unit residential development on the site of the old airport in Tel Aviv. The Tel Aviv-Yaffo municipality has ambitions for this to […]

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Sde Dov Quarter

Development Strategy

Useful Projects was been commissioned by major international property company Grosvenor to help them develop a model for investment and development based on the principles of one planet living. […]

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Corporate Strategy
Carbon footprinting and mitigation for the Brazil 2014 World Cup

We provided advice on carbon management, carbon footprint capacity building workshops, a GHG inventory guidance document and carbon mitigation action plans […]

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Brazil 2014 World Cup

Carbon footprinting and mitigation

We designed a bespoke sustainable procurement training package for EDF Energy […]

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Sustainable procurement training

Training design and delivery

The UK Green Building Council’s inaugural City Conference brought together 100 built environment business leaders, industry experts and officials from Manchester and the rest of the UK over two days. […]

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Manchester City Conference

Conference design & facilitation
We co-authored 15 papers to capture lessons learnt from the Olympic Park

We worked with the Olympic Delivery Authority to capture the challenges, achievements and lessons learnt from the sustainable design and construction of the Olympic Park […]

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Our team has been appointed by UCL as Energy and Sustainability consultants for the development of their flagship New Student Centre […]

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UCL New Student Centre

Energy and sustainability strategy

We helped transform The Bartlett School of Architecture (formerly Wates House) into a radically different, sustainable and energy efficient alternative. […]

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22 Gordon Street

Environmental design and strategy

We worked collaboratively with our in-house graphic and communication designers thomas.matthews on the content and artwork for the “Twenty Steps for Greening the Construction Industry” project […]

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Green Construction Board

Sustainability communication

As part of our work on Grosvenor’s Living cities programme, we ran a number of capacity building and engagement workshops with each of the operating companies from cities around the world. […]

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Living Cities Game

Capacity building and engagement

We are working with ICLEI to support Host Cities to reduce emissions from solid waste in Recife, São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro […]

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We carried out an energy , water and waste audit for University College London student residences

UCL have appointed Useful Simple Projects to review their Halls of Residences including a full energy audit and a review of water consumption and waste generation for each building […]

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UCL Halls of Residence

Energy, water and waste audit
Workshop on closed loop design

We are developing approaches to extending product life, material recovery and service models that support circular design solutions […]

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We are the series lead in the Energy and Environment Open Data Challenge Series

We will support delivery of a creation and innovation or hackathon event to develop new products and services from open data […]

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Kell Jones is carrying out research into increasing the use of unconventional materials in the built environment […]

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