Sustainability assessments

We have developed a number of bespoke tools for assessing sustainable development in addition to the use of ‘off the shelf’ schemes. We use these as tools to help provide insight in how organisations are doing in relation to sustainable development objectives.

We are particularly careful to ensure that accreditation systems drive sensible solutions and do not replace a good design brief.  Similarly with tools like LCA and Carbon Accounting, we know that measuring to the third decimal place does not mean an appraisal is accurate. Our approach acknowledges sensitivities, assumptions and risks to provide clients with a more rounded view to support decision making.

And if the right tool does not exist for our clients, then we build it!

Wellbeing is an area of increasing interest to our clients. We are working with a number of organisations to develop wellbeing standards to inform design and complement our work in post occupancy evaluation.

Our services include:

  • Appraisal of relevant accreditation systems such as BREEAM, LEED, SKA, Well standard.
  • Accreditation assessments
  • Life Cycle Assessments
  • Carbon Accounting and GHG reporting
  • Post occupancy evaluation
  • Bespoke measurement and reporting tools

Featured image of Service: Sustainability assessments

We developed a methodology for calculating the GHG footprint of the 2014 World Cup

Featured image of Service: Sustainability assessments

The Clove Building

SKA Assessment
Carbon footprinting and mitigation for the Brazil 2014 World Cup

Brazil 2014 World Cup

Carbon footprinting and mitigation
Featured image of Service: Sustainability assessments

22 Gordon Street

Environmental design and strategy
We carried out an energy , water and waste audit for University College London student residences

UCL Halls of Residence

Energy, water and waste audit
Featured image of Service: Sustainability assessments

UCL Cost and Carbon Tool

Sustainability tool