Coordinated infrastructure planning?

By Jo Dobson

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London’s 19th century Victoria Embankment project is an excellent example of how a public works project really can combine multiple infrastructure elements.

Why don’t we see a more coordinated approach in the planning of today’s UK infrastructure projects? We could, says USP Director Alistair Lenczner in his latest article for Infrastructure Intelligence.

The holistic approach seen in the recently published London 2050 Infrastructure Plan has prompted thinking with regards to how we should plan infrastructure at a national level. Alistair questions if our nation be better served by more holistic thinking and integrated planning of our infrastructure – taking inspiration from a well-known Heineken advert – than by the “silo” thinking that currently prevails.

Alistair is a regular contributor to Infrastructure Intelligence. Previous articles include ‘Tunnel vision on the joy of infrastructure‘ and ‘Bigger thinking is needed for London’s Old Oak/Park Royal Infrastructure‘.

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