2014 World Cup Procurement

Foreign & Commonwealth Office
Sustainable Procurement Consultancy

Sustainable procurement is in its infancy in Brazil.  Most contracts are evaluated 100% on price, and the cheapest bidder wins. The World Cup presented an opportunity to progress current practice and leave a valuable legacy for the cities.

One of the 2014 World Cup Host Cities, Belo Horizonte, wanted to take a more holistic approach to procurement, considering value for money, not just price.  We provided sustainable procurement consultancy, and developed a guidance document, to support them do this.

This included:

  • Sustainability brief: communicating clearly the client’s sustainability expectations to the supply chain
  • Tender evaluation criteria: including sustainability in the tender evaluation criteria/scoring mechanism
  • Tender questions: including appropriate sustainability questions in the tender document to draw out how sustainability will be addressed by suppliers
  • Contract and KPIs: including sustainability requirements in the supplier’s contracts and setting key performance indicators
  • Mechanisms for monitoring suppliers’ performance: implementing procedures to check that successful suppliers are compliant with their tender and their contract

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Carbon footprinting and mitigation for the Brazil 2014 World Cup

Brazil 2014 World Cup

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