Policy Guidance for London

London Waste and Recycling Board / Greater London Authority
Circular Economy Policy

Useful Projects was appointed to work with the London Waste and Recycling Board (LWARB) and the Greater London Authority (GLA) to develop guidance describing a new method for producing Circular Economy statements, which will have to be submitted by developers as specified in policy SI7 of the London Plan.

We worked with our sister companies Expedition Engineering, Useful Studio, Thomas Matthews as well as BAM Construction to develop impactful guidance by engaging with industry experts and policy designers.

The Circular Economy Statement guidance is available here.  The guidance requires proposals to set out how three core circular economy principles will be achieved:

  • Conserving resources, increasing resource efficiency and sourcing sustainably
  • Designing to eliminate waste (and for ease of maintenance)
  • Managing waste sustainably and at the highest value

Useful Projects also co-authored the ‘Designing for Circularity Primer‘ which has been written to help support organisations in the built environment sector to understand how they can embed circular economy principles into their projects and design processes.

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Featured image of Project: Policy Guidance for London
Featured image of Project: Policy Guidance for London

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