Dezeen Day Conference

Sustainability Consultancy

Over the last decade, event organisers around the globe have increased their efforts to measure and reduce the environmental impacts of large conventions ranging from industry exhibitions such as London’s Futurebuild to music festivals such as Amsterdam’s DGTL or Black Rock City’s Burning Man.

Dezeen (an influential architecture, interiors and design magazine) approached our Director of Design Sophie Thomas to carry out a ‘quick and dirty’ assessment of the environmental impact of their international Dezeen Day conference and recommend effective interventions for lowering its impact in the future.

We worked with the organising team in advance of the event to make sure we could collect relevant data about travel, food, energy and materials used to deliver the event. We engaged with delegates and event staff on the day and built on our experience with the events industry.

While our work followed a very high-level methodology, the results established a baseline and led to practical recommendations for the organising team for the 2020 event. These included selecting a venue that purchases renewable energy, minimizing travel-related emissions by offering digital attendance, providing the right amount of vegetarian food at the right time to eliminate waste, and maximizing a lasting impact on the behaviour of attendees and their networks beyond the day itself.

For more information about this project, read Dezeen’s blog post.

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(Photo Credit: Dezeen)