CIRIA Error Reduction Research


Errors cost the UK construction industry billions each year. CIRIA identified the need to develop effective Best Practice guidance and tools for specific construction processes to help the industry eliminate errors and associated negative impacts (read more about the relationship between error and carbon emissions in our blog).

Useful Projects were commissioned by CIRIA in Phase I of the project to identify common and costly defects in cast in-situ reinforced concrete construction and propose measures to address their root causes. We developed an industry-led mixed-method approach for this project, combining desk research and direct industry participation.

Based on the desk study and workshop outputs, Useful Projects made a series of recommendations for CIRIA to develop effective process-specific guidance and tools. These address needs such as clear and detailed articulation of construction processes, enabling standardisation and subsequent optimisation, collecting process data and setting KPIs, and supporting learning and innovation.

Our recommendations are now the basis of Phase II of this project, when CIRIA will commission good practice guidance for industry-wide publication. Further, CIRIA intends to follow our approach during Phase I for the development of guidance for other construction processes in the future.

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