Gomm Valley Energy Strategy

Sustainability and Energy Strategy

We are working with Human + Nature to develop the low carbon design strategy for Little Haldens, a residential led, mixed use development in Gomm Valley, Buckinghamshire.
Around 1000 new homes will be created, sensitively situated within a beautiful dry chalk valley in the Chiltern Hills. Alongside mixed tenure housing, the development will provide a new school, commercial and amenity facilities, set out around a new village square.
Little Haldens will be an exemplary sustainable neighbourhood that addresses all aspects of social, environmental and economic sustainability. Our work sets out a series of strategies and approaches to achieving high CO2 emission savings, while enhancing the landscape and environment for the future residents and visitors.
Working closely with the design team, we developed the energy strategy in accordance with the principles of the energy hierarchy – to deliver ‘Lean’, ‘Clean’ and ‘Green’ buildings. The priority has been to reduce energy demand though good design, by providing high levels of energy efficiency and implementing passive design strategies, such as enhanced fabric performance, thermal mass and natural ventilation, as well as active strategies such as waste water and air heat recovery.
We also carried out a renewable energy feasibility study and tested a series of low carbon options to advise the team on the most appropriate heating strategy. Our study concluded that air source heat pumps were the most effective way of providing low carbon heating and hot water. Our analysis was informed by recent shifts in the energy sector, in particular the decarbonisation of the UK electricity grid.
By combining these strategies with solar thermal and photovoltaics we were able to demonstrate a possible route to achieving a 35% reduction in regulated CO2 emissions across the site.

Featured image of Project: Gomm Valley Energy Strategy
Featured image of Project: Gomm Valley Energy Strategy

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