Grosvenor Living Cities

Corporate Strategy

Useful Projects was commissioned by major international property company Grosvenor, to help them develop a model for investment and development  based on the principles of one planet living.

Grosvenor’s success over many generations is intrinsically linked to that of the cities within which they invest. In the face of global trends including rapid urbanisation, aging populations, increasing demand for resources and climate change, they recognize the need to think very differently about how they approach investment decisions and manage their property portfolio.

Useful Projects helped Grosvenor to develop a Living cities framework to support a systems approach to delivering sustainable development. Hosted on an online platform, the framework demonstrates the complexity of delivering multiple, often competing, objectives and the links that exist between different goals.

To support the implementation of this framework we have also assisted with the:

  • Design and delivery of a series of workshops delivered across the Grosvenor Group;
  • Development of a series of case studies and supporting content to build knowledge and understanding of the issues and complexity of sustainable development;
  • Development of project appraisal methods for pilot projects, and;
  • The resilient Cities Research Report, a piece of research produced by Grosvenor in relation to global investment and demonstrating leadership in the delivery in the delivery of sustainable and resilient cities.

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We developed Grosvenor's Living cities framework to support a systems approach to delivering sustainable development