High Speed Two

HS2 Ltd
Roundtable design & facilitation

High Speed Two (HS2) aims to create a world class high speed rail network to support economic growth, both in cities it connects, and for the UK. The project aims to deliver a shift to low carbon transport and provide opportunities to enhance the quality of life of communities most in need.

HS2 is determined that goals for sustainable development are embedded in the DNA of the project and integrated into thinking across workstreams.

Useful Projects were invited to design and facilitate an Industry Roundtable event to help HS2 test its ambition to deliver sustainable development and to explore mechanisms that will ensure that these ambitions are realised.

The Roundtable was hosted by Simon Kirby, CEO of Construction for HS2 Ltd. It was attended by the HS2 senior leadership team from across the programme alongside a group of experts from industry and academia with expertise in sustainability and regeneration, engineering, innovation, and delivery of major projects.

The outcomes informed the update to HS2’s Sustainability Policy and the Sustainability Plan, and the associated project development and delivery process.


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We designed and facilitated a sustainability industry engagement roundtable event for High Speed 2 Ltd

Featured image of Project: High Speed Two

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