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IntenCity is a collaboration between Feilden Clegg Bradley Studios, Social Life, Grant Associates, Useful Projects and Expedition. This research project explores how innovative thought can produce intense places that deliver positive social, environmental and spatial outcomes.

We hosted one of a series of discussions, on the theme of environmental design, resource consumption and density. Our workshop had a particular focus on some of the environmental challenges posed by intensification: how to maintain a high quality of life in an intensified city, whilst simultaneously taking bold steps to reduce energy and carbon emissions and use resources more efficiently.

Led by expert facilitator Oliver Broadbent, Director at Think Up, a group of industry experts assembled around a giant bamboo cube to explore the linkages between issues or opportunities related to the densification of cities.

The event was attended by a group of industry leaders and academic experts, with an introduction by Director of Sustainability, Dan Epstein and closing discussion with Director Judith Sykes.

Featured image of Project: IntenCity
Featured image of Project: IntenCity

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Featured image of Project: IntenCity


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