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We are pleased to announce that Useful Simple Projects is now part of a pan-European initiative called the Knowledge Alliance for Advanced Urbanism (KAAU).

The organisations involved in the consortium are particularly interested in how the two disciplines of city planning and design can be brought closer together. KAAU aims to bridge the gap between higher education and innovative business by creating a space in which they can exchange knowledge and carry out research projects. KAAU will organise symposia, workshops and summer schools, and will design teaching resources all related to advanced urbanism.

Our partners in the organisation are: Università Degli Studi di Genova; the Institute of Advanced Architecture of Catalunya; Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture de Montpellier; Santa & Cole, Technilum, MCRIT, Intelligent Atlas, Ceasefire and our sister company, Think Up.

Useful Simple Project’s role on the project is to use our experience in sustainable design and development to ensure the quality of the content and bring best practice from the UK. We are looking forward to working with a great team of people from across France, Spain and Italy, and to seeing the fruits of the project disseminated even further.

Featured image of Project: KAAU

USP Director Judith Sykes at the KAUU Symposium

Featured image of Project: KAAU

Resilient Cities

Resilient cities appraisal methodology
Image of pilot project for sustainable social housing as part of the Minha Casa Minha Vida scheme

Heliopolis, Sao Paulo

Sustainable Housing Pilot