London 2012 Olympics

Olympic Delivery Authority (ODA)
Sustainability and Water Strategy

The 2012 Olympic Games was simultaneously the highest profile event and the single biggest regeneration programme ever undertaken in the UK.

Sustainability Strategy Implementation

Whilst at the Olympic Delivery Authority, Dan Epstein was Head of Sustainable Development and Regeneration. Dan was responsible for ensuring the Sustainable Development Strategy was delivered in practice. He had oversight of key policies, strategies and targets, the implementation of a sustainability management system and driving a culture of sustainability across the organisation.  Jo Carris and Judith Sykes both worked with Dan to deliver the Sustainable Development Strategy.

Water Strategy

Working with our sister company Expedition,  we defined the water supply strategy, including on site wastewater treatment and black water recycling for irrigation, cooling and toilet flushing. This required investigation of non potable solutions, evaluation of options, recommendations to the client and stakeholder engagement.

We  were also appointed to develop the sustainable urban drainage strategy for the Olympic Park and produced the briefing packs for the venue design teams.  Developing a sustainable drainage strategy on a 150ha brownfield site has its particular challenges and opportunities. A critical part of our work was the mapping out of all aspects relevant to surface water drainage: topography, ground contamination, flood risk, hydrology, design requirements, etc.

Sustainability Strategy Implementation during the London 2012 Olympic Games

Sustainability Strategy Implementation during the London 2012 Olympic Games

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Water Strategy
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Sustainability and Water Strategy