Meridian Water

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Meridian Water is a major regeneration programme in the London Borough of Enfield, next door to the beautiful Lee Valley Regional Park. Over 10,000 new homes, 6,000 jobs and 6.4 hectares of parkland will be created over the course of the 20-year development.

The vision for Meridian Water is based around three placemaking pillars:

  1. Park life on your doorstep: The Greenest Development in London
  2. Your place to make and create: London’s New Home for Production
  3. Mixing uses and animating streets: London’s most active public realm

It will become an exemplar of sustainable city redevelopment, combining nature and production with sustainable living, and will be a benchmark for innovative 21st century city-making.

The delivery approach taken by Enfield Council is unprecedented. The Council is taking control of the vision for Meridian Water and overseeing its delivery, selecting development and other partners to bring forward specific parts of the regeneration, whether that is for housing delivery, new employment spaces or meanwhile uses.  This is a new way of delivering major regeneration schemes for a local authority, and will ensure that local people are the principle beneficiaries of the new homes and jobs that will be created.

We are supporting it to become the Greenest Development in London through various different commissions:

  • We are developing an ambitious Environmental Sustainability Strategy for the site.  Key themes are carbon positive, environment positive, and zero waste and circular
  • Dan Epstein and Judith Sykes have been appointed to the Meridian Water Design Advisory Group where they will be providing strategic design reviews from a sustainable development perspective.
  • Expedition has also been commissioned to provide Energy Infrastructure Resilience, Carbon Management and water strategy consultancy and environmental modelling


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Featured image of Project: Meridian Water
Featured image of Project: Meridian Water

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