Net Zero Public Sector Buildings Standard

Scottish Futures Trust, Zero Waste Scotland (ZWS) and Health Facilities Scotland (HFS)
Net Zero Advisory

Useful Projects and Green Built Environment were called in by Scottish Futures Trust, ZWS and HFS on behalf of the Scottish Government to compare the strategic sustainability goals of four Scottish Schools against the new Net Zero Public Building Sector (NZPSB) Standard. The voluntary Standard aims to align new public sector buildings’ objectives with national, local, sectoral and organisational commitments across environmental, economic and social sustainability to deliver high quality and net zero carbon buildings. It is currently under testing and development phase, hence, the four chosen case study schools are under construction with the aim of the study to provide information to inform the development of the standard and guidance. The four schools assessed were: Penicuik High School, Maybury School and Health Centre, Currie High School and Broadford Primary School. Each school was compared against the requirements of the Standard, using six criteria for the comparison:

1.Inclusive Net Zero Economy Outcomes

2.Net Zero Construction

3.Net Zero Operational Energy

4.Net Zero Whole Life

5.Indoor Environmental Quality

6.Other Environmental Aspects e.g. biodiversity, health etc.

Testing the standard against each criteria assisted the council and clients to improve their buildings, providing numerous opportunities for additional work to enhance the outcomes. It also allowed for recommendations to be made that will inform future revisions of the Standard and to feed into supporting guidance. This project not only hopes to push for better delivery of the four schools, but it also hopes to adapt the Standard for better future use.

Featured image of Project: Net Zero Public Sector Buildings Standard

Source: Scottish Futures Trust