Resilient Cities

Resilient cities appraisal methodology

With more of us living in urban areas, how we approach the challenges of resource security and climate change will play out on our cities. At the same time, demographic change and growing inequality introduce a range of social factors which will also have huge impact on city systems.

Most discussion on resilient cities focuses on climate change and disaster risk management, but this ignores a much broader range of social, economic and environmental factors that may impact on the way our cities operate.

Working with Grosvenor Estates, we developed a more comprehensive assessment of city resilience. Using established models of resilience, our work investigated 50 global cities to collate indicators of vulnerability and adaptive capacity in five key areas of environmental degradation, resource security, climate change, social change and infrastructure resilience.

The final publication was picked up by media across the globe, illustrating the desire to really understand what makes a city resilient and measure its success.


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Judith Sykes worked with the research team at Grosvenor on a piece of work to evaluate the resilience of 50 major global cities.

Featured image of Project: Resilient Cities


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