Supply Chain Risks & Opportunities

Sustainable supply chain consultancy

Lendlease’s UK Residential Business Unit appointed Useful Projects to conduct a high-level review of supply chain sustainability risks and opportunities. Like all contractors, Lendlease has a complex supply chain structure. It does not currently have sufficient visibility of the different environmental and social risks associated with different types of products.

The project focused on two products: reinforced concrete and partition systems. These two materials were chosen as they are commonly used in high rise residential construction and have high embodied carbon associated with them.  As such, helping to lower the carbon content of both materials would assist Lendlease’s goal to become net-zero carbon by 2025, and absolute net-zero by 2040.

Our methodology included designing the risk assessment and establishing boundaries, data gathering, supply chain mapping of material provenance and modern slavery risk, supply chain interviews and risk analysis over the product lifecycle (referencing the standard LCA Modules). A key aim of the project was to develop a methodology that can be replicated for other products.

The findings from the supply chain risk analysis informed two ‘Roadmaps for action’, created for both materials.  The roadmaps suggest recommended actions for mitigating the risks and seizing opportunities mapped to Lendlease’s Roadmap to absolute zero carbon. Finally, general recommendations were made for Lendlease to manage risks and seize opportunities in their supply chain.

Independent LCA expert Jane Anderson (author of the BRE Green Guide to Specification) contributed to the design of the methodology and conducted a technical review of the analysis and findings.

It is hoped that the methodology can be replicated and used for other products within Lendlease’s operations to help them meet their net zero targets and mitigate other sustainability impacts.

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Above photo by: West Grove, Elephant Park. Source: Lendlease.