Tel Aviv Light Railway

Strategic advice

NTA are a wholly government organisation responsible for bringing light rail and rapid bus routes to the city of Tel Aviv. Over the next 20 years, the proposal is to deliver Light Rail lines and Rapid Bus routes.

We were engaged by NTA to provide client side advice to ensure that the development of the Light Rail Network maximises opportunities to deliver local benefit and environmental enhancement.

Key elements of our work included:

  • Developing a clear vision and goals for the project
  • Ensuring the right governance and assurance processes are established
  • Scoping key performance indicators and establishing appropriate monitoring process
  • Advising on community engagement strategy
  • Specific design advice for LRT stations and approaches to support transit orientated development and passenger experience

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Featured image of Project: Tel Aviv Light Railway

The Red Line will be the ‘backbone’ of the mass transit system, and will pass through the most congested regions of the metropolitan area.

Featured image of Project: Tel Aviv Light Railway

Euston Station

Development Strategy