The Great Recovery

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Resource security and price volatility is an increasing concern for global businesses. Past fluctuations and shareholder value have driven resource efficiency through the global supply chain, but through an established fast moving linear economy, we are throwing away valuable materials including many critical at risk elements.

The circular economy is increasingly cited by governments and institutions as presenting a huge economic opportunity for business. The 2012 Towards a Circular Economy report by McKinsey and the Ellen Macarthur Foundation estimate that material savings alone are worth up to $630 billion p.a. towards 2025. But yet there is very little practical support for business that want to move to a circular model.

Conceived by Useful Projects, ‘The Great Recovery’ is an initiative to promote awareness and understanding of closed loop design across the manufacturing industry. Supported by the Technology Strategy Board and now run by the RSA, The Great Recovery seeks to build networks that link the design community to scientists, material experts, manufacturers and recyclers. Through a programme of practical demonstration projects, workshops and supporting resources, The Great Recovery brought forward a broad range of new systems and business approaches which are now being funded by the TSB.


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Featured image of Project: The Great Recovery

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