UCL New Student Centre

Energy and sustainability strategy
In progress

UCLs New Student Centre is a flagship development in the heart of Bloomsbury. With no clear brief on quite how the building would be used we worked closely with the design team to develop a building that is flexible and adaptable to a range of different needs at the same time as minimising resource consumption.

By engaging with the client and design team early on, defining a shared sustainability vision, and using frameworks like BREEAM in a useful way, we were able to add real value to the project and achieve high levels of sustainability and energy performance cost effectively.

We have been leading discussions on how to achieve sustainability in different aspects of the project including: operational and embodied energy, water conservation, healthy material choices, recycling, building performance and adaptability.

Early collaboration with the architect and engineers led to cooling pipework being easily and cost effectively integrated into the underside of concrete floor slabs, facilitating efficient space cooling while saving internal space. Passive and low energy sources of cooling will complement this strategy, helping to achieve a 35% carbon reduction against Part L 2013.

The project has recently received BREEAM Outstanding for its design stage assessment, representing best practice in sustainable design and construction, and takes the building performance well beyond regulatory minimum standards.


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