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Energy, water and waste audit

As part of their ambition to reduce carbon emissions by 15% by 2020, UCL have appointed Useful Projects to review Ramsey Hall and Ifor Evans residential sites.

We undertook detailed energy audits and reviewed water consumption and waste generation for each building, identifying substantial savings across all aspects. The resulting “Energy Health Check” provided a suite of potential energy and carbon saving measures. Our analysis also focused on improving the environmental performance of the buildings, enhancing user comfort.

A reduction in operational emissions of up to 40% was identified for Ramsey Hall, if all measures were implemented in their entirety. At Ifor Evans, annual savings of approximately £51,000 were identified with an associated carbon reduction of 257 tonnes of CO2 (circa. 28%).

We often find recommendations from energy audits are not implemented, so we provided UCL with an implementation plan detailing the necessary next steps to realise the identified savings.



We carried out an energy , water and waste audit for University College London student residences

We carried out an energy, water and waste audit for University College London student residences

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