22 Gordon Street

Environmental design and strategy

We helped UCL transform The Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL’s global faculty for the built environment, into a radically different, energy efficient alternative. The refurbishment and extension of 22 Gordon Street (formerly Wates House), a 1970’s building, provided us with the opportunity to improve environmental performance, space utilisation and user experience.

UCL have set a clear vision and ambitious targets for delivering sustainability across their Bloomsbury Campus. The development and refurbishment of existing buildings, such as 22 Gordon Street, will play a key role in UCL’s ability to meet those targets, particularly in the reduction of carbon emissions.

With future adaptability and flexibility a key client requirement, we developed a robust environmental strategy that works alongside seasonal weather variations and is easily adaptable to reflect changing internal layouts.

We also developed a methodology that enabled UCL to effectively consider carbon emissions during the decision making process, advising on cost, operational and embodied carbon impacts of the redevelopment. Working alongside architects Hawkins Brown, we demonstrated the whole life value and carbon benefit of retaining the original concrete frame. We were able to minimise the embodied impact of the project and provide significant cost and programme savings. The retained thermal mass was even used to complement the passive heating and cooling strategy.

The project recently won an RIBA London Award 2017.

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