Sustainable procurement consultancy

The extent of business impacts extend well beyond the boundary of an organisation, and this is especially true in the built environment and manufacturing sectors that have extensive supply chains networks.

We can work with you at the corporate level and project/product level to develop and implement a highly effective sustainable procurement and supply chain management strategy.  This will help you to get better value for money from your suppliers, reduce carbon and waste, manage risks, protect your brand, improve competitiveness and unlock innovation in the supply chain.  Our approach to supply chain innovation has been built on the back of our team’s experience on London 2012.

The circular economy also offers opportunities for many of our clients. Sustainability is not the only driver. Resource costs and geopolitical risks mean that organisations are seeking new solutions that retain the value of materials and ensure security of supply.  We can help work with organisational supply chains to identify and promote circular solutions business. Unfortunately we can’t publicise our current work in this area due to high degree of confidentially involved!

Our service offer includes:

  • A sustainable procurement “health check” – a benchmark review of your corporate approach and project approach.
  • Corporate procurement strategy development and implementation – linking it with frameworks such as BS 8903 and the CIPS Sustainable Procurement Review.
  • Project/product procurement support – including procurement strategy, brief/specification writing, tender questions and evaluations, contract clauses, KPIs and performance reporting.
  • Sustainable procurement and supply chain management training – for buyers and contract managers.
  • Circular supply chain analysis

Featured image of Service: Sustainable procurement consultancy
Featured image of Service: Sustainable procurement consultancy

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Sustainable procurement support
Featured image of Service: Sustainable procurement consultancy

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Sustainable Procurement Consultancy