Services for Organisations

We are trusted advisors to major organisations in the public, private, and third sector who want to accelerate action on the environmental and social agendas. 

Regenerative & Sustainable Business Consultancy

Our business was built on developing engaging sustainability strategies for major organisationsWe are now transitioning to regenerative business strategy and implementation support, for deep organisational and cultural change. 

Regenerative & Sustainable Business consultancy services for organisations:

  • Sustainability Strategy / ESG Strategy / Regenerative Business
  • Strategy
  • Strategic Client Advisory
  • Research
  • Business Cases
  • Innovation Programmes
  • Staff Engagement & Training
  • Policies & Processes
  • B Corp Accreditation Support
  • Data Visualisation, Infographics & communications
  • Impact Reporting
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Zero Carbon Consultancy 

Our established ‘Get Set Zero’ approach accelerates the journey to net zero carbon, whether you are in the public, private or third sector, a large enterprise or SME.   

Zero Carbon consultancy services for organisations: 

  • Base Year Carbon Footprint  
  • Setting Science-Based Targets  
  • Decarbonisation Pathway Modelling  
  • Tailored Strategy & Action Plan Development (including co-design with stakeholders)  
  • Infographics & Communications Advice  
  • Carbon Literacy Training  
  • Implementation Support (including organisational change & innovation programmes) 
  • Offsetting & Insetting Advice  
  • Policy Advice
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Circular Economy Consultancy 

Using our expert insight and tools, we work closely with businesses, local and regional government and infrastructure clients to transition to the circular economy.   

Circular Economy consultancy services for organisations: 

  • Baseline Assessments (including Material Flow Analysis) 
  • Strategy or Routemap 
  • Business Case  
  • Strategic Advice 
  • Policy Advice  
  • Research  
  • Implementation Support (including Organisational Change & Innovation Programmes)
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Nature & Biodiversity Consultancy 

Nature & Biodiversity Consultancy 

We support businesses, local and regional government, organisations and infrastructure clients to bring nature and biodiversity into the heart of their vision and operations.  

Nature & Biodiversity consultancy services for organisations: 

  • Strategy, Vision or Routemap Development 
  • Business Case  
  • Strategic Advice 
  • Research  
  • Stakeholder Engagement  
  • Embodied Biodiversity Impacts 
  • Infographics & Communications Advice  
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Social Impact & Just Transition Consultancy

We collaborate with organisations at the corporate level to develop forward-thinking and impactful Social Value Strategies, building understanding and capacity for delivery.  Our typical clients include businesses and public sector bodies who want to fundamentally embed Social Impact into their organisational culture and processes.  

Social Impact & Just Transition consultancy services for organisations:  

  • Social Value Strategy  
  • Social Value Policy 
  • Stakeholder Engagement  
  • Organisational Delivery Plans 
  • Procurement & Commercial Delivery Plans & Support  
  • Strategy Implementation Support  
  • Social Value Training, Capacity Building & Board-Level Mentoring  
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Services for Places

Masterplans, estates, infrastructure and buildings form the backbone of our towns and cities. We collaborate with developers and design teams to create regenerative places where people and nature thrive together. 

All our Places services are carried out in collaboration with our sister company, Expedition Engineering.   

Energy & Carbon Consultancy

Our Zero Carbon Energy Strategies transition away from gas to renewable and smarter supply side options. Our expertise includes next generation heat networks, microgrid, and building energy strategies. As the grid decarbonises, a growing focus area is on consumptive emissions particularly those associated with construction (upfront carbon) and waste.   

Energy & Carbon consultancy services for the built environment: 

  • Energy Strategy  
  • Whole Life Carbon Assessments  
  • Feasibility Studies 
  • Business Cases & Delivery Strategy 
  • Offsetting & Insetting Advice  
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Circular Economy Consultancy 

We work with developers, architects and engineers to drive and implement practical circular economy solutions . We deploy deep technical knowledge of materials and resources to develop strategies for new buildings, existing estates, masterplans, and infrastructure, with particular focus on adaptive reuse and city-wide strategies.   

Circular Economy consultancy services for the built environment: 

  • City Wide & Place Specific CE Strategy  
  • Pre-Demolition Audit  
  • Operational Waste Strategy  
  • Feasibility Study 
  • Circular Economy Statement for Planning 
  • Business Case & Delivery Strategy  
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Nature & Biodiversity Consultancy

Nature based solutions are critical for climate resilience and responding to the biodiversity crisis, as well as playing an important role in wellbeing. We work in collaboration with specialist ecologists to support clients in developing integrated blue and green infrastructure strategies.  

Nature & Biodiversity consultancy services for the built environment: 

  • Baseline Hydrological & Biodiversity Assessments  
  • Green Blue Infrastructure Strategies  
  • Water Conservation & Sustainable Drainage  
  • Microclimate Appraisal & Urban Heat Island Mitigation  
  • Biodiversity Net Gain & Urban Greening Factor Advisory  
  • Embodied Biodiversity Appraisal  
  • Environmental Equity Appraisal  
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Social Value Consultancy 

Our creative and strategic approach to Social Value creation helps developers, infrastructure clients, and contractors who want to proactively create meaningful social benefits throughout their project’s lifecycle. By starting at the earliest opportunity, we help maximise total return on investment, reduce inequalities, and deliver impactful community benefits based on local needs.  

Social Value consultancy services for the built environment:  

  • Local Needs Analysis  
  • Place-Based Social Value Strategy  
  • Business Case Development  
  • Embedding Social Value into Design  
  • Stakeholder Engagement & Co-Design (including Digital Engagement with Commonplace)  
  • Social Value Statements for Planning (including Employment & Skills Plans)  
  • Procurement & Tender Support 
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