Our next zero commitment

The Useful Simple Group is committed to leadership on climate action.

Posted: 3 Mar 2019

The Useful Simple Group is committed to leadership on climate action, through our projects and through the way we operate our business.

In line with best practice, we have calculated our corporate carbon footprint and set official science-based targets through the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi), which aims to limit global temperature rise to 1.5°C.

Our near-term net zero company-wide emissions reduction target is to reduce scope 1 and scope 2 GHG emissions by 46% by 2030 from a 2019 baseline year. This is further to measuring and reducing our scope 3 emissions.

By signing up to the SBTi, we have joined the ‘Race to Zero’ (theUN-backed global campaign to take rigorous and immediate action to halve emissions by 2030).  Our targets are recognized on the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) website as well as We Mean Business and SME Climate Hub.

We have also joined the B Corp Climate Collective. In doing this we are part of a global community of learning and practice regarding climate action, climate justice and climate advocacy. To elevate what we are doing beyond science-based targets and demonstrate industry leadership, we also signed up to B Corp’s pledge to commit to Net Zero by 2030, which will require us to offset any residual emissions.

As an SME offering professional services, based in rented offices, our corporate carbon footprint is small. Our biggest opportunity to influence carbon reduction is through our design and consultancy work in the built environment.  Through our ‘Get Set Zero’ approach, we are supporting all sorts of clients to accelerate their journey to net zero and to design buildings, masterplans and infrastructure projects with low whole life carbon emissions.

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