The Trust’s Employee Benefit Ethos

Our principles, set out in the Useful Simple Trust Deed.

Posted: 14 Oct 2018

The following principles are set out in the Trust Deed:

  1. We will encourage the employees of the Trust companies to assume responsibility for maximising their contribution to the business of that Trust company in their capacity as employees, having regard to the interest of future as well as present employees.
  2. We will ensure that employees receive information concerning the major policies and actions of the Trust.

In addition, the Trustee and Useful Simple Limited have agreed the following additional principles:

  1. The purpose of the Trust is to blaze a trail in the field of integrated, intelligent and ethical provision of the human environment.
  2. We will aim to do our projects so that they meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs, exemplified by outcomes that are useful, simple, beautiful and good.
  3. We will have regard to the benefit of the employees of the Trust companies, where a benefit is something that engenders wellbeing.
  4. We will work together across the Trust and with others to achieve the purpose of the Trust.
  5. We will aim to provide a stimulating working environment where all can give their best and develop to their full potential.
  6. We will actively embrace and seek diversity in both our people and our work.
  7. We will educate ourselves and others. To grow the next generation, we will play an active role in framing the educational curriculum, and make time to help deliver it.
  8. We will aim to reward employees on the basis of “fair and sustainable” for their field while also recognising their wider collaborative contribution to the Trust.

Useful Projects is part of something bigger – we are part of the Useful Simple Trust, an award-winning group of professional design and consultancy practices made up of; Useful Projects, Expedition Engineering, Thomas.Matthews, and Useful Studio.


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