• Client: Greater London Authority
  • Service:
    • Research |
    • Policy Advice
  • Specialism:
    • Zero Carbon
  • Sector:
    • Sports, Leisure & Culture |
    • Public Sector
  • Status: Complete
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Culture is what makes London, London. However, the carbon impact of the Arts & Culture sector, and specific policies and recommendations for decarbonising this sector, hadn’t been included in London’s decarbonisation pathway modelling to achieve net zero.

Leveraging net zero

Leveraging our net zero research and policy advice expertise, Useful Projects was commissioned by the Greater London Authority (GLA) to gather views from the Arts & Culture sector, review best practice and initiatives in other cities, and understand what policies and interventions the Mayor of London should be pursuing to help organisations in the sector to decarbonise.

We were keen to engage with organisations directly to understand carbon hotspots in the sector, including existing approaches, activities, and barriers to decarbonisation – and to ensure that the GLA’s work is informed by insights from those working directly in the sector, including grassroots organisations.

The results of this engagement informed a series of recommendations around how the GLA can act to help the Arts & Culture sector reach its Net Zero goals; these recommendations were then tested with the industry in a series of workshops.

The GLA is now identifying partners to take forward the recommendations and will be releasing our report later in the year.

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