• Client: Royal Society of Arts | Zero Waste Scotland
  • Service:
    • Strategy/Routemap
  • Specialism:
    • Circular Economy
  • Sector:
    • Third Sector
  • Status: Complete
Circular Economy Strategy for Zero Waste Scotland

Scotland is known for being progressive on eliminating waste and transitioning to a circular economy.

Useful Projects collaborated with the Royal Society of Arts (RSA) and Zero Waste Scotland to explore opportunities and incubate new partnerships for a Scottish circular economy.

Our role was to identify and scope out two pilot projects to develop and test new approaches to product and service design; one based on an industrial cycle and the other on a biological cycle.

We focused our efforts on Scotland’s largest industries: whisky, fish, oil and gas. We conducted technical feasibility studies and engaged with the supply chain to identify business opportunities and next steps for implementation.

Circular Economy Strategy for Zero Waste Scotland
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