A Trillion Miles

By Jo Dobson

Last Friday, a group of leading designers, manufactures and thinkers, from Jermey Myerson to Sebastian Conran to Robin Levin, descended on Morley house to kick off an initiative to save enough energy to drive a Trillion Miles.

Working with the RSA and the Royal Designers for Industry, the aim of the project is to demonstrate real and practical change in the way we function as a society so that the Trillion Miles approach becomes a contagious pursuit and subsequently, a beneficial habit.

The project stems from Useful Simple Projects own practical example of how designers can engage with material issues, to achieve high performance without breaking the resource bank. Our ‘Putting the material in the right place’ investigated the potential to reduce the energy embodied in building structures. Even its ‘easy wins’ have immense potential, demonstrating for example how a simply re-designed steel beam would save the energy equivalent of 120 billion car miles globally. We are now coordinating this activity in the single industry of structural engineering under the ‘Enough is Enough’ agenda.

Our proposition is to work with others to show how this approach could be applied across 20 different sectors to save enough energy to drive a Trillion Miles.

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