Carbon Footprint Workshop for the Brazil 2014 World Cup

By Jo Dobson

Judith, Dan and Jo have just returned from another exciting trip to Brazil, where they have been delivering carbon footprint workshops in 8 out of the 12 World Cup host cities (Manaus, Curitiba, Rio, Sao Paulo, Belo Horizonte, Porto Alegre, Fortaleza and Natal).

The workshops were designed to raise awareness and build capacity for carbon footprinting among the World Cup cities.

Overall approximately 350 stakeholders attended the workshops, from the Federal, State and City Governments, the private sector, NGOs and universities.  These stakeholders now have an understanding about what a carbon footprint is; how other major events have used carbon footprinting; how to measure the carbon footprint for the World Cup in each city; and how to use carbon footprinting as a tool for carbon management.

This work follows on from the initial carbon footprint workshop that was held in August 2011 in Brasilia.

We hope that momentum for carbon footprinting and carbon mitigation will continue in Brazil as a result of these workshops.

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