Horsham District Council’s Climate Action and Nature Recovery Strategy approved

By Jo Dobson

Horsham District Council's Climate Action and Nature Recovery Strategy - ©TPP
Above photo by: ©TPP. Used by permission.

Do you need support developing a tailored and impactful Sustainability Strategy for your organisation?

The Climate Action and Nature Recovery Strategy for Horsham District Council, that we co-developed with OnePlanet, provides clear actions that the Council, residents, wider community, and its partners will need to implement to become a net zero and climate resilient District by 2050.

This was achieved by a providing a range of services, including:

  • Detailed baseline analysis,
  • Assessment of existing decarbonisation trajectory using the Net Zero Navigator Tool,
  • Stakeholder engagement with local council officers to provide more detailed knowledge of existing challenges and untapped opportunities,
  • Identification of a series of enabling and strategic interventions that will support decarbonisation and climate action, both in the short and long-term.

We are delighted that the Strategy was approved by the Cabinet. Now it’s time for action!

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