New book: Sustainable Infrastructure

By Jo Dobson

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Useful Projects’ Senior Director Judith Skyes is the author of a new book on Sustainable Infrastructure: Principles into Practice, which has now been published.

Sustainable Infrastructure: Principles into Practice is an essential practical handbook to help engineers deliver sustainable responses to the challenges the infrastructure sector faces. Covering each stage of the project lifecycle, from planning and development through to in-use and end-of-life phases, the book presents a set of fundamental principles and tools to guide sustainable decision making.

The book includes:

  • four entirely new chapters, including overcoming barriers to sustainability and practical solutions for effecting change, as well as five chapters on ways for engineers to respond
  • extensively revised and updated coverage, including contributing to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, the circular economy in construction, the use of nature-based solutions and flexible design for adaptation
  • key tools to help define, test and measure sustainability, including system dynamics and system thinking, carbon management, infrastructure resilience, measuring natural capital, valuing green infrastructure, and social value appraisal
  •  real-life case studies and practical examples for each delivery stage, across a range of sectors and project size.

Sustainable Infrastructure: Principles into practice is designed to help infrastructure professionals embed sustainability concepts into all aspects of their projects and systems. It will also aid graduate students preparing to enter the industry.

You can buy a copy here:

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