Sophie Thomas

Director of Circular Design

Sophie leads Useful Projects’ circular economy consultancy services and is a Senior Director.  She has been working in the fields of sustainable design, material process and behaviour change for over 20 years. She founded Thomas Matthews: an award winning sustainable communication design agency; Three Trees Don’t Make a Forest: an education initiative to inspire communication designers through the practical application of sustainable process; and Greengaged: an events and network group who encourage the debate around sustainable design.

Sophie works with UK government organisations to define the role of designers within the discussion around waste streams, critical elements and resource efficiency. She is involved in building new business models that use closed loop material streams in supply chains. She plays a vocal part in promoting sustainable thinking through education and business and writes regularly for the design press, is included in Who’s Who, sits on a number of advisory panels for sustainable design and sat as a trustee for the UK Design Council until 2011.

Read more about Sophie on her LinkedIn profile.

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