Sochi 2014

Sochi 2014 Organising Committee
Sustainability and legacy advice

We have carried out two pieces of work for the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics.

Useful Projects and The Next Practice ran a sustainable tourism workshop for the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics in Russia. The workshop was organised by the Sochi 2014 Olympic Organising Committee and was attended by local stakeholders interested in developing a sustainable tourism industry as part of the Sochi 2014 Olympic legacy. International experiences in the area were presented and the group discussed and developed their vision for Sochi’s legacy, and how it could be achieved. This project resulted in a set of recommendations for the City of Sochi Administration to take forward.

We were also commissioned by the International Olympic Committee to analyse progress being made in design and construction in regard to sustainability, and to provide strategic and technical guidance on improvements to be made.