UCL Soft Landings Framework

Framework development

We worked with UCL to develop a tailored framework and tracker for implementing Soft Landings across all of UCL’s capital projects. Working closely with UCL Estates and the Sustainability Team, we mapped the BSRIA Soft Landings activities against UCL’s estate project delivery process, and created an excel-based tracker to enable project managers to implement Soft Landings effectively and efficiently.

Soft Landings is a collaborative process for the procurement, construction and handover of buildings. It is intended to improve building performance in terms of end user satisfaction and energy consumption, by fostering a greater involvement of designers and contractors with building users and occupants. UCL’s ambition around adopting Soft Landings is to create world-leading research and teaching facilities which are comfortable to occupy, intuitive to use and mange, and energy efficient in their operation.

The success of Soft Landings depends upon establishing a culture around how to use the building effectively. This must be supported by a process that goes beyond energy, considering the broader performance gap. Alongside this project, we are acting as Soft Landings Advisors on a major capital development project, which has allowed us to test and refine the framework on a live project.

You can read more about UCL’s Soft Landings programme here.

Featured image of Project: UCL Soft Landings Framework
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Featured image of Project: UCL Soft Landings Framework

UCL Cost and Carbon Tool

Sustainability tool
Sankey energy flow diagram for University College London (UCL)

UCL Carbon Strategy

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