• Client: Cwimni Egino
  • Collaborators: Ynys Resources Ltd
  • Service:
    • Strategy/Routemap
  • Specialism:
    • Social Impact & Trust Transition
  • Sector:
    • Public Sector
  • Status: Complete

Cwmni Egino (CE) was set up by the Welsh Government in 2021 to explore socio-economic growth opportunities from new nuclear development in North Wales, focussing on the possibility of future development at the site of the former nuclear power station in Trawsfynydd.

Recognising our expertise in Social Value Strategy development, Cwmni Egino commissioned Useful Projects and our local partner Ynys Resources Ltd to develop a Social Value Handbook for their organisation, setting out how they will contribute to improve peoples’ quality of life in North Wales.

The purpose of the Handbook is to support the successfully delivery of CE’s mission to help create the conditions for the region to thrive by facilitating the maximum social, economic, and environmental benefits from new nuclear investment.

A vision for the future

Our methodology for developing the Handbook included:

  • A baseline review to understand the socio-economic and environmental context in North Wales and the existing Social Value Policy and measurement landscape.
  • Interviews and workshops with the Cwmni Egino team to better understand the organisation and co-design components of the Handbook.

The output includes the following key components:

  • Vision for the future.
  • Objectives and outcomes across each of the People, Place, and Economy pillars.
  • Guiding principles.
  • Priorities and actions for 2024/2025 - setting out the key areas where CE will take active short-term steps (alongside others) to ensure a positive impact.
  • Recommendations for embedding the approach across seven organisational factors.
  • A checklist for developing initiatives in the future.
  • Recommendations and options for measurement and reporting.

We are continuing to support Cwmni Egino to explore and implement social value opportunities.

Image courtesy of Cwmni Egino.

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