B Corp consultancy

To respond to tomorrow’s generation, businesses need to future proof themselves by placing people and planet, not just profit at the heart of their decisions. All stakeholders should receive a shared value. PWC, Edie and Vogue Business have all published the study that B Corp businesses grow 28 times faster than national average – 14% as opposed to 0.5% per annum, showing that a regenerative, fair, and inclusive economy can also be profitable.

B Corp is a certification and framework for businesses to follow in their journey of becoming a force for good. Having undergone the certification, Useful Projects understands that understanding, answering, and making progress towards the 200+ questions can be an overwhelming process.

Full B Corp certification support:

Useful Projects’ B Leaders will work closely with your senior leadership team and relevant colleagues to provide you full support through your B Corp assessment. We help demystify questions in the Business Impact report, identify low hanging wins, and co-create an improvement plan, as well as guidance towards measuring progress throughout the journey.

Bespoke support:

We understand that some clients may already have started on their B Corp journey and require a little extra support towards not only hitting the 80-point mark, but also creating meaningful and long-lasting change. Useful Projects can help you in many areas depending on your needs:

  • Support on BIA questionnaire process and question
  • Impact materiality assessment leading to impact blueprint: identify, engage with, and understand your stakeholder’s key materiality concerns to help define your impact strategy
  • Governance and culture structure: As a social enterprise, Useful Projects can guide you on towards a governance and culture shift that will support you in weaving business as a force for good into your DNA
  • Create social value within your business offerings: understand how to identify, measure and deliver on greater social impact with your business offerings
  • Stakeholder engagement: a roadmap towards collaborating with identified stakeholders in your business activities
  • Supply chain guidance: align your suppliers with your own impact vision, and encourage your suppliers to elevate their social and environmental positions
  • Carbon footprinting: measure your business’ GHG emissions, set net zero targets and develop your decarbonisation roadmap.
  • Environmental and social policies to formalise the above processes: we can help you with various policies that will help you make sure the positive initiatives and changes you have put in place will last beyond a lifetime.
  • Impact reporting: report on your progress and share your journey.

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