UK Sport Decarbonisation

By Jo Dobson

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Above photo by: Useful Projects.

UK Sport has released their first Environmental Sustainability Strategy, which includes a goal for high-performance sport to have a net positive impact on the environment by 2040. It includes the very powerful message that the future of sport may be affected if we don’t accelerate climate action.

Here at Useful Projects, we are delighted to have played a small part in this work – calculating the carbon footprint of UK Sport’s organisation, and developing a decarbonisation action plan; including proposing net zero targets, a decarbonisation pathway, and high-level actions to reduce their emissions. You can download the decarbonisation report here.

UK Sport will be using our work to help provide leadership, guidance, and inspiration to the high-performance sport sector, and support National Governing Bodies to calculate their own organisational carbon footprints and develop environmental sustainability action plans.

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