Kate Boylan

Principal Sustainability Consultant

Kate is a sustainability engineer from New Zealand with an honour’s degree in mechanical engineering. Kate has over 5 years’ experience working on a variety of projects across the sustainability and resilience spectrum within the Asia-Pacific region.

Through her background in engineering, Kate has developed strong skills in problem solving, data analysis, resourcefulness, and systems thinking. Kate’s most recent role in Melbourne, Australia included measuring, managing, and reducing carbon emissions across the lifecycle for client organisations and large infrastructure projects.

Kate aims to build genuine connections with clients and work together to create positive change and outcomes that benefit all. She enjoys delving beyond the technical aspects of projects and is passionate about community engagement and the broader sense of sustainability, such as the social and cultural impact and value.

In November 2020, Kate was named one of the University of Auckland’s 40 Under 40 Alumni for 2020, in the influencer category. In 2019, Kate was awarded the New Zealand Green Building Council Future Thinker of the Year and was selected to represent New Zealand at the Young Women Scientist Conference in Korea through the Korean Women Scientists and Engineers group (KWSE).