Principal Sustainability Consultant

Lottie holds a Degree in Engineering Design from Bristol University and has over six years’ experience in sustainability consultancy, design research, innovation, engineering, and digital technology.

Her experience includes creating sustainability strategies, developing digital tools for public and private clients, and running testbeds for innovative technologies.  

Through her work, Lottie has developed a breadth of understanding at the intersection of sustainability, innovation and technology in the built environment. In late 2023, she was the lead researcher for the ICE-funded report into ‘The Embodied Biodiversity Impacts of Construction Materials’ for our sister brand, Expedition Engineering. The report takes a first step to enabling those working in the built environment to understand how biodiversity is impacted throughout the lifecycles of five common construction materials. 

She enjoys applying systems- and design-centred thinking to sustainability projects and is working towards becoming a Chartered Environmentalist.