Associate Sustainability Consultant

Marietta has a background as a Civil Engineer (MEng) and holds a MSc in Building Physics & Services from Eindhoven University of Technology.

She has more than ten years’ experience as a researcher and sustainability advisor for the built environment.  

In her work, Marietta places great emphasis on methodological rigour, thorough research, and analytical robustness. Her experience spans environmental building design and performance modelling, sustainable masterplanning, and whole life carbon analysis of masterplans and infrastructure projects. In most recent years, she has developed an expertise in net zero strategies and decarbonisation action plans for a breadth of clients in the construction sector.   

Through this line of work she has also been leading the development of bespoke tools that streamline clients’ carbon data collection and analysis, delivering key insights and enabling impactful decision-making. 

Marietta is passionate about the intersection of decarbonisation, climate resilience, environmental regeneration, community wellbeing, and social equity, and strives to deliver positive outcomes across all facets through her work.