• Client: The Wildlife Trusts
  • Service:
    • Strategy/Routemap
  • Specialism:
    • Nature & Biodiversity
  • Sector:
    • Third Sector
  • Status: Complete
100 Miles Wilder vision map

The Wildlife Trusts are a federation of 46 independent wildlife conservation charities covering the whole of the UK.

Useful Projects, as part of the Useful Simple Trust, was appointed by The Wildlife Trusts to build on their nature-led vision and case for green infrastructure to be a priority for investment along the Cambridge-Milton Keynes-Oxford ‘corridor’.

A thriving natural environment

In 2016, the National Infrastructure Commission led the development of the ‘Growth Arc’ to deliver a million new homes and corresponding jobs along the corridor. Believing in a future where nature is a normal part of our everyday lives, and where wildlife thrives across the landscape, The Trusts’ raised concerns about the potential adverse impacts of the corridor’s growth on the local environment. This initiated the development of their alternative vision to gain support from key decision-makers.

Building on our existing relationship with The Wildlife Trust, our team developed the ‘100 Miles Wilder’ campaign; a pioneering nature recovery network within the Arc where people and nature alike will benefit from a thriving natural environment. This landscape presents a new way of thinking about how places should be planned, with nature and wellbeing at the center.

The concept was underpinned by research to quantify the benefits of investment from health and wellbeing, to flood resilience and ecosystems services. This was used to develop the business case, based on Green Book principles and planning framework, which will enable the delivery of the 100 Miles.

Image courtesy of The Wildlife Trusts.


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