• Client: Northern Ireland Environment Link | National Trust | National Lottery Heritage Fund
  • Collaborators: Periscope | Community Places
  • Service:
    • Strategy/Routemap
  • Specialism:
    • Nature & Biodiversity
  • Sector:
    • Third Sector
  • Status: Complete
NI Urban Green Spaces illustration courtesy of Periscope

Useful Projects led the creation of a Vision and Routemap for the future of urban green spaces in Northern Ireland, to 2030 and beyond.

Collaboration and co-design were core to the project process. Through multiple research streams, the project team actively listened to, supported, and encouraged views and voices to input into a co-created Vision.

The results sought to set the course for a better future and build a community of leaders who understand and can help to realise the multiple public benefits of high-quality urban green spaces in a changing world.

An invitation to collaboration

The Routemap identified five enablers that stakeholders have identified as key to increasing the potential public benefit of urban green spaces across NI.

Through a co-design process, participants also identified potential short-, medium- and long-term actions.

To help drive implementation of the Vision and support it to become a reality, the Routemap was developed through a co-design process. It is intended to be viewed as an “invitation to collaborate” to take the Vision forward and provides a guide for which activities need to take place, not a definitive list, recognising it will evolve over time.

Read the Vision and Routemap here.


NI Urban Green Spaces Vision Statement, courtesy of Periscope
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