The Restorative Neighbourhood

Thought Leadership
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Across the rapidly urbanising world cities have a challenge to enable high quality, low carbon, and economically resilient communities.Useful Projects are working on proposals for a Restorative Neighbourhood in West London, to provide a carbon positive and high quality living and working environment. Working with our sister companies Thomas.Matthews  and Useful Studio we have developed a framework that takes an integrated approach to neighbourhood development, and comprises the following eight themes:

1. resource consumption
2. environmental quality
3. high quality adaptable buildings and infrastructure
4. diverse and engaged communities
5. sustainable transport
6. work space, skills and employment
7. long term resilience
8. governance

Following this, Useful Projects Director, Dan Epstien, has been appointed to the environmental leadership team with the Old Oak Park Royal Development Corporation (OPDC) where he is advising on embedding sustainable design principles into the project to create a truly innovative new urban quarter.


Featured image of Project: The Restorative Neighbourhood
Image of pilot project for sustainable social housing as part of the Minha Casa Minha Vida scheme

Heliopolis, Sao Paulo

Sustainable Housing Pilot
Featured image of Project: The Restorative Neighbourhood

Sde Dov Quarter

Development Strategy
Featured image of Project: The Restorative Neighbourhood

Grosvenor Living Cities

Corporate Strategy