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Sport England
Sustainability Strategy and Carbon Footprint

Sport England is responsible for growing and developing grassroots sport and getting more people active across England, and has the vision to transform lives and communities through sport and physical activity.  The sector will be impacted by climate change, it contributes to climate change, and has an incredible opportunity to influence climate action across society, using the power of sport as a change agent.

We were appointed by Sport England to work on two projects to accelerate action on carbon and broader sustainability.

The first project focused on Sport England’s operations; we calculated their carbon footprint, helped them set ambitious targets, and developed an internal action plan using our GET SET ZERO methodology and tools.

The second project was to do a GB-wide consultation on sustainability in the sports and physical activity sector, and develop a strategy for how Sport England can influence and support clubs and facilities all over the country to progress their approach to sustainability.

We are delighted that this work has now been published.  The ‘Every Move’ Sustainability Strategy sets out how Sport England will lead, inspire and support the sector to become environmentally sustainable, enabling greater opportunity for all people to participate in sport and physical activity, now and in the future.  For the first time, we link environmental sustainability, inequalities and participation levels.

‘Every Move’ can be downloaded here.

Their internal carbon footprint and action plan can be downloaded here.

“Useful Projects engaged a wide and diverse range of stakeholders across the sport and physical activity sector, to inform the development of a bespoke Environmental Sustainability Strategy for Sport England.  They deployed a range of approaches to hear the perspectives of the sector on the key opportunities, challenges and supported needed to accelerate positive action. They distilled this comprehensive, nuanced and complex set of insights into clear, themed practical recommendations. These have provided the framework of our Environmental Sustainability vision and strategy. The Useful Projects team have throughout been a sounding board, subject matter expert, analyst and supporter, enabling us to develop an ambitious, insight informed, collaborative strategy.”

Denise and Andy, Sport England Environmental Sustainability team

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Featured image of Project: Sport England

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