Circular economy consultancy

There is a strong evidence base from the Ellen MacArthur Foundation and others that the circular economy provides a huge opportunity for achieving financial, environmental and social benefits. However, transitioning to a circular economy in the construction sector has proved to be much more challenging. The biggest challenges are often not technical; rather they tend to be cultural, commercial and legal.

Delivering circular solutions requires clients to act differently about the way they set briefs and procure.  It needs architects, engineers, contractors, product manufacturers and suppliers to fundamentally rethink design and construction methods, and business models.  These are problems we are very familiar with and have taken a systemic approach to addressing in our circular economy work in the construction sector.

We’ve built our service offer around the well-known double diamond design process model.



  • Helping clients understand what the circular economy means to them: CE definition and vision development
  • Identification of opportunities and risks
  • High level LCA


  • Systems and materials flow mapping
  • Feasibility studies
  • Identification of appropriate, specific interventions
  • Writing project briefs



  • Strategy development
  • Detailed LCA
  • Business cases
  • Pilot projects
  • Recommendations for implementation


  • Implementation support
  • Benefits realisation support

Shifting towards the circular economy requires change management.  To support this, we offer:

  • Engagement and training
  • Communications
  • Management consultancy

We provide circular economy consultancy at a range of scales:

  • Organisations
  • Masterplans
  • Building and infrastructure projects
  • Products

Our team of consultants includes:

  • Sophie Thomas, who founded The Great Recovery, was shortlisted by CIWM for Industry Leader of the Year and is co-writing a book on the Circular Economy.
  • Dan Epstein, former Head of Sustainability on the Olympic Park, who has directed many of our circular economy projects, and is currently leading the development of a circular economy strategy for Old Oak Common and Park Royal.
  • Judith Sykes, who gave the keynote speech at the Brussels Environment Circular Economy conference, was a Great Recovery Advisory Panel member, and is co-writing a book on the Circular Economy
  • Jo Dobson, former Waste Manager on the Olympic Park, and member of the ICE Circular Economy panel for London.

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